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What happens after the quote

If after looking over the quote you want to proceed:
we build a prototype site

We charge $50.00 upfront to build the prototype. This is NOT refundable, but it will be applied toward the cost of your website design if you decide to continue to completion.  

After your review of the prototype, we will take your suggestions and comments.

Now knowing the full requirements and content, we provide an updated estimate of the final cost (within 5%).

Read our whole process.

Once your prototype site is completed and accepted, changing or modifying your requirements may incur additional costs. We feel this is fair to both parties; we stay within your budget and within the margin of error of the estimate. If changes are required yes they can be dealt with, but time, effort, scheduling and expenses must be considered.

Relevant content is King. More meaningful content which is easily accessible to web visitors will drive up your ratings with the search engines which will result in increased traffic to your site.

CowboyUp Websites strives to facilitate easy of “navigation” so the information the visitors seeks is easily available.



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Cowboy Up Websites is a company designing custom web sites for busineses. We work with small startup companies and individuals as well as large established firms; small 3 page sites to complex database driven websites. We can be your one button to push for your website, including domain name, hosting, and web design files or we can take over an existing site for redesign and update. We start with your website ideas and company needs and design websites for ecommerce, organizations web sites, small business web sites, RV parks, Bed and Breakfasts, hunting, fishing guides and more. We do web development for static HTML sites and dynamic database websites. We also use the names Rockport Web Sites and White Moments Design.